1001 Songs you must hear before you die

Oh! I just can't explain how wonderful this reference guide is to songs you long for, or songs you heard as a child or during school, that you would love to just hear again. Well, get the 1001 Songs You Must Hear book, and if you also order a Google Home device, you can browse this book like I do, and when you see one that brings you fond memories, just say something like, "Hey Google! Play the Song 'When a Man Loves A Woman' by Percy Sledge," and Google Home will find it right away and play it for your listening pleasure.  What a fun way to enjoy the good times of your past.  A must have item.  Please enjoy.


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  • Hey this is Cindy from the Virgin. I haven’t even gotten thru have of this stuff yet , I have been trying to get thru it now for 2 days.. what I’ve seen is really cute, some neat stuff. anyway have a good day ! talk to you later,,


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